ISO 14001:2015

Environmental management systems
- Requirements with guidance for use.

The Standard

We start from a simple premise: we are all called to make a contribution to protecting the environment and achieving climate goals.

An important challenge for companies of today and tomorrow. If yours also wishes to undertake this path, the introduction of an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001 is a fundamental step.

This acronym, internationally recognized as the reference standard for environmental management systems (EMS Environmental Management System) and applicable to organizations of all sizes and sectors, helps to meet legal and contractual requirements at national and international level, providing a management structure for the integration of environmental management practices.

With a specific purpose, improve the company's performance: from preventing pollution to reducing the consumption of energy and resources.

Why get ISO 14001 certified

The adoption of ISO 14001 allows a company to be placed among those who are concerned with reducing their environmental impact.

This usually results in better relationships with customers, the public and the community at large. In short, a better public image.

Another aspect concerns the possible cost reduction resulting from the implementation of an environmental management system. How? Through the identification, control and reduction of the number of environmental accidents (which can lead to costs in terms of civil liability for fines, remediation and compensation).

Secondly, the improvement of the environmental management system can help reduce costs by working on saving energy and the incoming materials required by your business processes.