iafcertsearch.org | What is it?

IAF has created a new website for the control of certificates issued under accreditation: https://www.iafcertsearch.org/

website source: https://www.iafcertsearch.org/about/iaf-certsearch

Companies and governments are calling for more transparency between organizations and their supply chains. They rely on accredited certifications to make important decisions during the development of their supply chains.

Certified supply chains are a way for companies and governments to demonstrate that they have compliant and transparent global supply chains.

IAF CertSearch was established by the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and its members so that certifications accredited by the world can be validated. IAF CertSearch is a global database where users can search and validate the status of the accredited certification issued by a certification body that has been accredited by an IAF signatory member accreditation body under the main ISO/IEC 17021-1.

IAF CertSearch currently aggregates data from about 70 accreditation bodies and about 1,311 certification bodies to make it easy and easy to validate an organization’s certifications.

IAF CertSearch also provides organizations with information about the accredited network, which includes a list of all accreditation and certification bodies worldwide

Companies wishing to obtain certification can consult here:


Institutions applying for accreditation can browse a list here:


What is the IAF CertSearch Mark

IAF has developed an IAFCertSearch brand that connects to the official database.

Companies that have an active accredited certification in the IAF CertSearch database will have the option to include the IAFCertSearch brand on their website.

It is a digital trademark that allows a user to click on the Brand and direct it to the profile of the organization in the IAFCertSearch database where it can validate the active certifications held by the organization.

What is the operation of the IAF CertSearch Mark ?

The IAFCertSearch brand will appear on an organization’s website only if it has an active certification.

If the certification status changes and is not active, the trademark will be automatically removed from the organization’s website in real time.

The IAFCertSearch brand should only be used as a digital trademark.

IAFCertSearch trademark CANNOT be used on documents

How can you access the IAF CertSearch site?

You will be sent a link

You must read and accept Terms and Conditions

Register with your company data

Validation and approval of data

Confirm profile creation via activation link

How does the IAF CertSearch site present itself?

In the "Dashboard" you will find:
- your company’s active certificates
- the number of visits made by third parties to your profile on the IAF website
- requests for the validity of your certificates
- etc.

The section on the IAFCertSearch brand is the last:

In English, explain what the IAFCertSearch brand is (see pages 2 and 3)
To follow, in the page, comes summarized the procedure to perform for the insertion of the mark
(directly if you have access to the site or from your web developer)

Some of our certified customers who are using the new branding on their site:

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